The Girt by Sea Project

A Modern-Day Photographic Odyssey

an Introduction . . .

Our great land has always driven a sense of exploration, a real curiosity of what lies beyond the sea, over the ridge
or across the desert. This curiosity and drive of discovery, led Matthew Flinders to be the first to circumnavigate our distant land between 1801–1803. Whilst he didn’t coin the phrase, he would have been one of the first people to really understand that Australia is “girt by sea”. Fast forward 215 years, and with most of us thinking that people have pretty much done all they can to discover modern Australia, along came Tony and Denis. Their vision to circumnavigate Australia by plane was born, firstly to see if they could do it and secondly to allow us all to see Australia like never before. This drive of discovery has led to what I believe to be the most unique, fascinating and captivating set of pictures that you will ever see of our great Country. I hope you enjoy the fruits of their endeavour and it sparks a sense of wonder in you. Because this amazing home of ours is truly girt by sea.

Jason Mclean - Canon Australia

Meet the photographers

Tony Hewitt FAIPP & Denis Glennon AO

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the very first time you heard the three words 'Girt By Sea"?

How many times have you pondered on the origin and meaning of them?

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Exploring Squares

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Behind the Shutter

A few images to show the behind scenes part of the project.

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The Statistics

A breakdown of some interesting stats taken from the Journey.

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The Pilots

Who were the crew who took on this challenge, find out their background.

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Video Tour of the Exhibition